Sun shades for patios can become a wonderful solution for yards that can be hot during the afternoon.

Shade sail structures can immediately convert an abandoned patio to a place where the family can relax and enjoy a cool and breezy day. There are a good number of shade sails available in local home improvement stores or online, but for those who are successful handymen, it is actually possible to create a sun shade patio without having to buy it ready made.

Do It Yourself Sun Shades for Patios

  • Step #1 – The first thing that needs to be done is the collection of the materials to be used. The local home improvement store, or a fabric store can provide canvas drop cloths or a shade sail fabric that can act as the roof to the sun shade. The cloth is preferably 9 X 12 foot size or smaller, depending on how large the area of the patio is. Choose the color of the fabric that matches the home or the color scheme of the backyard. Bright and sunny hues can add a festive look to the patio, while white and beige fabrics can give a classy and resort-like appearance.
  • Step #2 – Purchasing the fabric is not enough, there has to be a structure that can allow it to stand. Home improvement stores may also have shade sail poles that can be used to put up the patio shade. Metal grommets may also be an alternative to the poles. These grommets should be preferably brass or stainless steel, or any kind of non-rust metal.
  • Step #3 – Next, look for a piece of rope that is long and sturdy enough for installation.
  • Step #4 – Carefully assess the area of the patio and notice the patterns of the sun. Install it in the area that is deemed to have the most sunlight, or at a place where the family prefers to sit and relax. Check for anchoring points that are higher than patio walls. Overhead beams can be used. If there is none, use the poles or install 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 wood boards outside of the patio wall and have it extend upwards so the shade can be hung from there.
  • Step #5 – Once the support beams are in place, install the metal hooks on each of the support beams.
  • Step #6 – Install a grommet for each corner of the sun shade sails. That would be a total of four grommets. Then, take the rope and tie it to each grommet and then to the hook, thus giving a hanging effect to the sun shade. Check if the shade is drooping too low. If this is the case, add more support beams and grommets so that the fabric can stretch out, giving it more tautness.

Sun shades for patios can instantly change a heat stricken area to a place where the family can relax and enjoy. Sun shades can also add to the attractiveness of the outdoor yard and to the home.

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